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The Escapists Download Torrent

The Escapists

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The simulator is escapists “escape from prison.” Admit it: You’ve always wanted a simulator like that.

Posted: as your choice.

The escapists is almost like a prison architect, another close game, “but with a lot more action. You are a prisoner in prison and want to escape. This shouldto execute denaktivnosti (and no suspects) and use your free time to prepare your escape.

If you are looking for a game that will give you a hand, you’ll love escapists. You have to learn to escape, dash does not plan on givingyou purposes or advice. Younegotiable prison band. Or steal the uniform of the guard. or kradattunelot. Or store your tools on escapists stands for freedom of movement.

You have content for a while. You have to choose from prison (where one of his various difficulty levels). although prisonlimited space, it is full of details atvariable that make you want to escape from it more than once in different ways.

naBegajkji from reality biggest one is waiting. Waiting to have free time to continue with your planit’s just too much.

Beautiful retro aesthetics

inspectionset to surprise its simplicity. The escapists use a few knobs and buttons, but you need more to let your creativity run or go forward with vashataplanovi. You have other similar games can be discouraged loobsa with an initial investment of learningControls. Here are a few minutes you are ready to go.

On one level graphics, escapists introduce aerial view with 8-bit graphics. The music also has a retro style with a lot of “signaling”. I can not thinkof a better aesthetic of this bidejkjiToa reminds me of the classic “La Abadia del crimen.

Muchchallenge awaits.

The Escapist has an original premise, a lot of content and opportunities, and highlight simple but powerful control set yet. Able to escape from the challenges provided by the game?

The Escapists

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